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Give yourself the gift of time.

Carver Concierge, LLC wants you to be able to relax and enjoy more time doing what you like and less time trying to conquer your“ to-do “ list.The services below are just the beginning of what we can do for you.Contact us today to schedule a personal consultation today so you can breathe easier tomorrow.

Personal Services

Personal shopping, dry cleaning pick up, vacation travel, incoming guest coordination, and more is what we excel at.  

Corporate Services

Corporate travel, special event assistance, employee services...whatever's on your desk that's not making it onto your schedule we can tackle.  

Relocation Services

Nobody likes to move, but fortunately, since our founder traveled as a Military family, we are very good at it.  We can help you find a Realtor, schedule the movers, or waiting for delivery or utility people -- whether it's across town or around the world.  

College Relocation

Sending your young adults off to the new world of college can be daunting when it's in your home town--but even more so when they're going "away" to school.  Let us pave the way.

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