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What are your hours?

A normal work day is Monday to Friday 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m . But we know busy people seldom live 9 to 5 lives.  We do our best to fill all of our client’s requests. Exceptions and emergency service requests may be considered for an additional after hours fee.

Is Carver Concierge LLC insured?

Carver Concierge, LLC is fully licensed and insured.

How are concierge services billed?​

Each individual, just like each project or task, is unique. We estimate the scope of work needed to accomplish what you need, and estimate costs accordingly.  We always track our time and are pleased to say we have a great track record of staying on task and on budget.

How are payments made to Carver Concierge?​

A concierge account is created and a retainer is paid based on the estimated service hours of the contract. Hourly charges are deducted directly – other fees must be paid at the time of delivery or as stated and agreed to in the client contract.

Other than the your estimate rate for services, for what other charges might I be billed?

Any purchases, tolls, mileage over the local amount are the clients responsibility and will either be paid from the account or billed to the clients credit card at the time services are rendered. As outlined in the client contract or directly at the time they are received.

Are there any services your company will not provide?​

We will do our very best to meet all requests that are legal, moral and ethical. Please contact us directly if you have any further questions.

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